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Photos of the Week 4

November 19, 2011

Last week the Mammoth Mountain opened up for skiing. Haven’t really been up to much, so I haven’t been taking many pictures, but enjoy nonetheless!

The Twin Lakes in front of Tamarack have frozen over.

It's quite terrifying to stand on a frozen lake.

One of the best perks of working the nightshift at a hotel with a restaurant are the free meals.

Mammoth Mountain is open for business!

Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge area

On the lift

There isn’t a whole lot of snow on the mountain, as such only 4 chair lifts are open out of 23, so the riding isn’t the best, but it’s nice to be out there able to get a few runs in before laundry has to be done.

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  1. G/ma & Papa permalink
    November 21, 2011 4:42 am

    Hey Jonathan, Great pictures as usual. A little too chilly for me.
    But, I am sure you are enjoying it. Hopefully, we will get to see you on Thanksgiving, via skype!! Love you, Grandma & Papa

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